This month I received a promotional piece about two female fitness entrepreneurs and their fast-growing business in Manhattan. One of them is a busy mom, with three young children, a husband, an active lifestyle, who runs the business and continues to offer classes. The write-up by a public relations company reported how she starts her day with a green juice and ends her day with another. Plus, she enjoys the option of a power-juice delivered to her workplace midday as well when she needs it.

What would she do without quarts of power-packed juices fueling her extraordinarily active and productive life? Hmm…I don’t know. Maybe eat regular meals?

Even though I realized this promo was a thinly disguised advertisement for the juice company, I also considered how popular juices-on-the-go have become. All the celeb-hounding magazines have photos of stars dashing about from store to yoga studio with take-out green juices in hand. Can you live on a liquid diet of juicing alone?

We rely on sound advice from the tried-and-true, evidence-based top nutrition authority, our long-time columnist, Nancy Clark, MS, RD. Don't miss her "Sports Nutrition: What's Old, What's New" this month, and fuel yourself really well.

Our cover choice of Diana Nyad underscores our fascination with this 64-year-old marathon swimmer, author, motivational speaker and journalist. The embodiment of a never-quit philosophy, Diana shocked the world when she swam and wobbled onto a  Florida beach last year, after swimming from Havana to Key West, the first without a shark cage. Her lips and face were barely recognizable after so much swelling from salt water. What makes Diana keep going when any sane person would throw in the towel long before the hypothermia and dehydration set in? She talked about the awe of nature and humanity to Oprah. But there has to be more to the story. The heir of a morphine-laced teething medicine for children, popular in the 1890s, molested by her swim coach at 14, Diana presents a complex portrait for anyone interested in pushing beyond the extreme limits.

Finally, we are really pleased to announce that American Fitness magazine won its fourth Maggie Award during a May 2nd banquet. (Special kudos to our amazing design team led by Barbara Brown and Arrate Zavala at BBM & D Strategic Branding and the printing team at RR Donnelley, along with our hard-working editorial staff for providing the inspirational content.)