It’s been said that the advancement of civilization has always depended upon fusions: lively intersections spawning the trade of goods, a healthy mix of gene pools and, of course, new technologies. Perhaps the same can be said for advancements in the fitness industry, since stale, old workouts are often replaced with fusion classes. 

Lately, I’ve seen a wild array of these creative intersections, such as Vinyasa yoga with hip-hop beats in New York, and even the tough SoulCycle® workout, now with overhead resistance bands for upper back/arm workouts in Los Angeles. Fusion-loving fitness trainers come up with more fusions every day.

This month’s cover belongs to fusion innovator Cassey Ho, whose Pop Pilates takes Pilates-type moves and rhythmically sets them to an upbeat pop song, so that the end result is a sort of choreographed, “dancing with the Pilates star” workout. Be sure to check out her Blogilates website. You’ll enjoy her featured combo workouts, protein smoothie recipes, and warm, upbeat encouragement.

Regular contributor Lawrence Biscontini tells you about his passion for the fusion of yoga and T’ai Chi or, Yo-Chi®.  The advantages include enhanced functional stability, isometric and isotonic work, and mind-body flow balancing.

Not all fusions are created equally, however. Some should be discontinued, like the old spinal fusion surgery for back pain. Not too many of those anymore. Another blend that is being questioned is the fusing of a chlorine molecule where a hydroxyl group in sugar module was situated, in the making of sucralose. Some artificial sweeteners may be contributing to obesity by causing metabolic changes in the body that alter fat-storing. You’ll read more about that from our medical contributor, Yusuf Saleeby, MD.

May all your fusions be welcomed and rewarding.