We’ve been warning about killer workouts for a while. Doing too much too soon goes against the grain of sensible and effective AFAA guidelines. Now it seems that doctors are tallying just what can go wrong. Don’t miss the CEU article on rhabdomyolysis by Amy Ashmore, PhD. Extending evidence-based care to the treatment of chronic injuries, be sure to read advice from Marwan Chahayed, DC, with long-time AFAA Certification Specialist Lauri Reimer, as they discuss what regular chiropractic care has to offer.

At the far end of the medical spectrum, look at what can actually save lives—Michael Scott Emery, MD, FACC, spreads some good news about AEDs. Do you have one in your health club?

By March, most people need a reality check about their new year’s resolution for exercise and weight loss. Tracking your progress with some external device provides the kind of in-your-face feedback that doesn’t allow you to falsely inflate what you’ve done. Ever since I put on my first simple pedometer about 25 years ago, I was awakened to that reality. Hmm…only 2,000 steps today…better kick butt tomorrow.

The world of digital feedback has exploded in the last year. We could barely put this story to bed because Kevin and staff receive a press release three times a day on some new wearable fitness device. Two that didn’t make it to deadline: MotionX®-24/7 is a life-tracking app that monitors your activity and tracks your sleep, and helps you stick to your resolutions. Polar®, the first heart rate monitor, has advanced so much that their latest wearable, the V800, tracks speed, distance, heart rate and transitions for triathletes like Tim Don, who swims 2.4 miles, cycles 112 miles, and runs 26.2 miles in under 10 hours. The sports profile that the device displays helps him understand training loads and recovery needs. Check out some amazing apps in our story by Susanna Kalnes, along with a piece on DISq™, a mobile belt and strap that also has its own app—of course. Who doesn’t?

Finally, let your inner diva out with Ilyse Baker, our cover fitness star, whose workouts combine jazz, modern dance, hip-hop, funk and ballet. Note how Ilyse has mastered Web-based marketing, presenting her workouts with options of instant download or a mailed DVD, along with tanks, T-shirts and newsletter.

MotionX-24/7 https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/motionx-24-7-sleeptracker/id505074676?mt=8