How do you avoid a rut? Make new tracks. Whether it’s forcing your brain to unwire an unhealthy habit or getting off the same old busy streets on the way home, exploring new pathways offers untold benefits. In this issue, we offer a range of possibilities to test out the unfamiliar. One of the most beguiling paths is explored by Nancy McCarthy as she entices you with Yogascape vacations. These healing, rejuvenating and transformative yoga retreats are offered in the most beautiful places on earth. But even if you stay at home, Pamela Light will help you find ways to uplift your classes so they remain as fresh and exciting as if you actually got away.

Maybe an untraveled path for you is just touting your business a lot more. AF has shared tips on increasing the impact and visibility of your fitness and wellness business network (known as tribe-building on LinkedIn sites), social media management, creating and sharing blog, video and audio content, making proposals to conferences and trade shows, launching branded products, and email outreach with a lively, information-packed newsletter. Adding to the mix is Lorraine Bossé-Smith, who offers outstanding advice on how to find ideal clients.

You will discover other strategies for career growth by actually helping others along. Read about mentoring from Lawrence Biscontini. It’s a sign of a profession coming into maturity, when the elders want to give a leg up to the newcomers. It’s also, happily, a sign of a thriving business climate for fitness.

Finally, I have a deep appreciation for the way our cover guy Tim Kang fell into his acting career—he acted on the spur-of-the-moment impulse and it changed his life. He was walking down the street in San Francisco, past the A.C.T. (American Conservatory Theater), when he saw a sign for acting classes, and never having considered it before, gave it a try. He was hooked after his first few classes.

Those small, inner voice prompts and nudges to try something out of the ordinary can unlock hidden potential and feel like destiny just came calling. Kang plays Kimball Cho on The Mentalist, a street-hardened character who brings another perspective to the lead’s unorthodox strategies. Consider a little of Kang’s, “Oh heck, why not?” attitude as you go about new adventures.