Seems that everybody talks about “slimming” foods and cleansing diets right after the holidays, but American Fitness urges readers to avoid the hype and treat yourself to some extra helpings of scientifically valid nutritional advice. We’ve got a nutrition-packed issue for you from our top contributing writers. Dr. Yusuf Saleeby will convince you to spice things up with turmeric, a potent anti-inflammatory. Evangeline Samples writes that garlic’s legendary benefits are backed by science. Elise Oberliesen gives the lowdown on low-carb dieting, and our long-standing nutritional columnist Nancy Clark will help you evaluate the pros and cons of your caffeine fix once and for all.

You’re also encouraged to start the new year with an upgrade to your professional understanding of risk and liability. The CEU article by JoAnn Eickhoff -Shemek on “Legal Liability and Risk Management for the Fitness Professional” is a must read.

This issue reports on a growing trend in the fitness industry for emerging celebrity fitness instructors with hot new twists to working out. They’re a bit glitzy, sometimes edgy, and definitely not dishing up your mom’s tried-and-true routine. We call the trend “instructor branded workouts.” As AF examines this changing branded fitness landscape for 2015, we want to hear what you think of the whole phenomenon.

Perhaps the ultimate in full-package branding is offered by the creators of “POUND®,” Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom, with drumstick-clanging POUND PRO Training, POUND music tracks and POUND rockouts. Cherryh Butler tells all.

Another instructor brand emanates from the self-assured Tara Stiles. Cristina Barrera fills us in on why Tara offers a de-spiritualized version of yoga, believing it to be more comfortable for a wider audience, although traditionalists may disagree. Tara’s Strala class is all about feeling good and being yourself. She also produced a class for the Alliance for a Healthier Generation aimed at school-aged youth.

Finally, be sure to check out Bizzie Gold’s “Buti Yoga,” a combination of dancelike plyometrics with high focus yoga. She wants you to join her “tribe of women” building confidence and muscle.

If you’re considering how to brand a workout yourself, make sure to visit to the pages of Professional Edge, where you’ll find Lawrence Biscontini offering you some old-school career support on communicating with effectiveness and clarity in the fitness industry. That never goes out of style.